The world is changing and so is the mobile/ telecom markets

Today, as we have seen before, a boy with two friends in a Starbucks, can build an app that shakes down traditional business to its foundations. Example? WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Instagram. And we love them. Our parents had to rely on the Telecom companies to have their calls and their voice passed through large distances. Today, we Skype. The main core of the Telecommunications companies is shaken. By one side they see their voice and messages revenues disappear on a fast speed, on the other side they see people avid for data connection like never before.


How can a big company, traditional, with high cost of network and interconnections can compete with the Wi-Fi on the restaurant or the call through Skype.


It is true that they still own the network. But for how long since the prices are dropping and the innovation are coming from Starbucks cafes?


When a Telecom company look at themselves as Telecom they are faded to have a negative cash flow. But, if they look at themselves as the network that will connect all the innovations to come (connect, and not control) they will have guaranteed a vast amount of new businesses sharing with them revenues and intelligence.


But the big question: Are they ready for that? Are they ready to make the change? Do the people inside the Telecom companies have that idea that the future is coming fast and from a source that they don’t know and will not control?


I have hosted more than 35 MobileMonday’s before, I have seen many people discuss about mobile, apps, telecom, IT and many other innovations. When I saw that I knew that it was uncontrollable. The only thing we can do, in a smart way, is try to attract these people to have the discussion where you can see, exchange and learn.


But are we all ready for that? That disruptive model that will change not only our culture but the way we work and live.


Well, we have to be ready!



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Fernando Dias

O Fernando trabalha no mercado de telecomunicações a mais de 15 anos tendo grande experiência com operadoras de telecom, aplicativos e mídia social. Ele é um dos top influencers da América Latina e segue a evolução do mercado durante estes anos. Veja o seu blog aqui no MobileMonday São Paulo ou mesmo o blog que ele escreve no Portal R7.

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